Handcrafted. From beginning to end.

im here for the cacti

"If you're feeling a little blue, take a little blue." >:( MrGrumpy

Just selling stuff

A seller in a decentralized world


Private Crypto Asset and High Quality Seeds, if you have any question send me a PM

Com esta é que me lixaram...

Artistic digital images and computer vector graphics.

passionated, ambitiously homebrewer


Fair and free trade

I trade bitcoin for a living.Registered MSB.Trading on Localbitcoins,currently liquidating antminer s9s,need bigger office to power more-we're@at capacity

Hello. I am engaged in buying and selling goods for bitcoin. If you are interested. You will need to download for your computer.

contributer to a world of open markets ,and,a world free of coruption and intermediaries.

Handmade artwork

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