We sell Girls Panties to Womens Panties.

BitCoin Art
BitCoin Sculptures & Props

Welcome to my digital empire. Looking for long term customer's Hope you enjoy my shop if you have any questions fill free to massage me.

Vendor since 2002

Hard to find Books


Snapchat :dmalian999

A pioneer, if you will.

Cryptoart using CounterParty

Bitcoin, Monero, Zcash, Litecoin exchange.

The thing about irony is it's impossible to miss

NIC'n'NAT Pattywhack

We Sell Stuff. We Trade Stuff. We Explain Stuff.

₿ • Trades • Tutorials • Nonsense

#BTC #Trades #Bazaar #CoupleGoals


Just a guy who enjoys a quality p2p app trying to survive late stage capitalism.

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