Hard to find Books

The Bitcoin Block Clock! A not-boring full node and network visualizer.

Young African entrepreneur Jeweler living currently in France

A pioneer, if you will.

Cryptoart using CounterParty

The thing about irony is it's impossible to miss

NIC'n'NAT Pattywhack

We Sell Stuff. We Trade Stuff. We Explain Stuff.

₿ • Trades • Tutorials • Nonsense

#BTC #Trades #Bazaar #CoupleGoals


An Aussie/Brazilian from Brisbane, Australia. Interested in watches, smartwatches, and I think this is a very interesting approach to online sale.

Hi looking for long erm trade deals. Can buy in small or large amounts. amazing discounts!

Freelance writer. I mostly write about political topics. Bias is extremely libertarain.

Car dealership specializing in crypto

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