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A different kind of e-store.
At well. Spend Less.
And balance spend on groceries.


A new kind of Digital contain that will benefit our customers.

We sell everything that come across cheap and we will list on OpenBazaar to our greatest customers.

Low prices plus more.

Due to world time differences please give us 3-10 hours for reply or sending e-products.

We deliver legit e-products without fail.

We do accept Bitcoin, but we prefer customer to use Litecoin or Zcash for cheaper transactions fee.

We serve our local more then 100k customers and now we serve our best OpenBazaar customers. it is legit.


When you purchase our goods, the order need half to four hours for us to receive it, due to blockchain slowness.

We guarantee that we will send e-good when receive your order without fail.

No Refund will be entertain due to this is a software or digital products.Buyer required to know what they are buying and the function of each product. We only make sure that the product work and its premium if is account based product.

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