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Welcome to Cr1ptT0r & Synolocker decryption service!


If you are here then probably that all your files have been encrypted!

The decryption keys are available for sale. Individual file decryption is also available. First 2 files are decrypted for FREE to prove that decryption is working. 

The private key used to encrypt the files is generated on our secure server. Without this key it is imposible to decrypt any file. You can check by yourself that not other solution have been found here.

The public key (user id) is stored in each file to make it possible to match the device with the right keypair. The only thing needed to recover all files is any encrypted file sent to us via tox messenger.

The list of encrypted files is saved on the device in a text file named "_cr1ptt0r_logs.txt".

For Synolocker the process is a little bit different. We still hold the database with all the private keys. Using bruteforce it is possible to find the correct key by trying to decrypt an encrypted file against each private key in the database; thus allowing full recovery of encrypted files.

Feel free to contact us via OpenBazaar chat or one of these methods:

  • tox: AE737ECB916BE24B41543BAD5B24710C5B9DB701592013A6EBBCC0A544931E6145C7D950B82F
  • bitmessage: BM-NBcQxmkfyoVxSRE8WJQqEbXw1s63CMEq

Payment address are provided over Tox messenger since OpenBazaar payment don't work for some users.

Customer support is fast and we guarantee full data recovery once payment is completed. 

Kind regards from the Cr1ptT0r team.

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