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We sell benzos.


<< Welcome to the Craigman Team's Vendor Page! >>

We are the same >> FIVE STAR << Craigman Vendor you have worked with, trusted, and come to know since the SRv1 days (and of course from many, many more markets before and after!) with over 15 YEARS of experience doing what we do best with THOUSANDS of satisfied customers!

We are a very experienced team that specializes in selling the BEST in name-brand and quality generic BENZO pharmaceuticals that come directly from vigorously lab-tested European pharmacies. We do NOT sell any pressed products or any fake Indian or Pakistani products you may see everywhere. We have ONLY the best, working benzo products at GREAT prices, with excellent customer service, fast shipping, and unique stealth using 2-day Priority USPS mail in the domestic U.S.!

<< FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions Please read before messaging us >>

The CM team is very busy and many of the same questions get asked, so here is an FAQ in the hopes we can reduce the time spent on answering the same questions and can spend more time on processing and shipping your orders!

(Updated: 4/25/19)

1. "Do you provide, or can you get any medications OTHER than those on your list?"

A: Sorry, we do not provide anything other than the benzos listed in our store. We cannot request any other medications from our supplier.

2. "What is the minimum amount of tablets I can order at a time?"

A: We ONLY sell our products in increments of 50 tablets at a time, no more and no less. You can see our listings are for 50, 100, etc. so this way you can make your own orders in quantities for example, 150 or 300, but we cannot do 175 or 325 as those are not increments of 50. This is due to how we are stocked by our supplier.

3. "I am short just a small amount of BTC so can I order less than the listed 50 quantity?"

A: Again, 50 is the minimum amount of pills you can purchase at a time, which is set by our pharmaceutical supplier. You need to prepare and have the right amount of BTC's to purchase an order, so make sure you have enough in your wallet first.

4. "Do you offer any SAMPLES of any of your products?"

A: We are sorry, we do not provide any free pills at this time. Feel free to make an order and try any of our products though!

5. "I would like to bulk purchase 1000 or more tablets. Is that possible?"

A: Please message us directly on potential large bulk purchases over 1000 tablets.

6. It's been ___ (insert 1-5 business days) since my order where is it??"

A: Please wait at least 5-6 business days after your order is marked "Shipped" before asking questions about where your order is, or for your package tracking # as you will likely receive your product within that time-frame anyway. We get many orders on a daily basis (70+) as we are on multiple markets as well. We process your orders as fast as we can and then our shipping team in the U.S. packs and ships the product via 2-day priority so it can get to you as safely and quickly as possible! It can take up to 5-6 business/shipping days (Mon-Sat) due to multiple factors such as the weekend (no shipping on Sunday's), USPS processing (we cannot help delays caused by the postal service), weather, stock with our shipper's, shipper's on vacation, holiday's, etc.

All items are tracked and will arrive so please do not worry. We recommend always ordering your product about 5-7 days ahead of time before it is needed in case any issue arises.

7. "The tracking # I received says "invalid" at USPS website. Why?"

A: We do not regularly give out tracking #'s due to OPSEC security reasons (and please do NOT ever check your tracking # while on TOR for security reasons!). However, if you placed a custom order or were given a tracking # soon after your order (this question is directed toward the select few we give tracking #'s to), please do NOT search and look up your tracking # for at least 24 hours after your product was officially shipped.

8. "What happens when a medication is out of stock/not listed in your store?"

A: It means exactly that, all of our shippers are currently out of stock of that particular product. However, we are constantly stocking up on each product so keep checking back regularly and within days, our stock may be back for a particular product. Just as our customers rely on us for shipping product, we also rely on our suppliers constantly re-supplying us. As soon as a product's stock is back, we immediately update and put up the product listing.

9. "Are your pills pressed? And are they the REAL pharmaceutical brands?"

A: The pills are NOT pressed and we sell only REAL pills from actual European name brands and quality generics. This is unlike many other vendors who buy in bulk, the cheap Indian/Pakistani products that don't have real regulations in their country, nor do they work properly. Our pills are regulated, safe pharmaceuticals that come to us originally supplied in real prescription packages (then taken out for shipping security), and are 100% completely real and working pills.

10. Why did you move to FE over the past few months?

A: With the constant fluctuations in BTC prices and people not finalizing right after receiving their orders, we decided we needed to move to an FE system due to the loss of BTC's and to ensure we can continually keep our product at full stock. We were one of the only consistent escrow vendors for many, many years, on multiple markets and have built a solid 5 STAR reputation as we want you to feel confident in every order you make with us. We have done this for many years and want you to still feel confident as Craigman is a team and we do not want to go out of business either.

You may message us if your question wasn’t sufficiently answered by the above FAQ first. We thank you for choosing the CM Team and look forward to doing business with you!

<< ORDERING FROM US – Please read, both new AND old buyers >>

When sending your PGP-encrypted address with your order, ALWAYS use this following format:


John Johnson

403 W. Washington St.

Apt. 405

Houston, TX 77044-6592

(Please use the 5-digit plus 4-digit zip code for better accuracy and potentially faster shipping for USPS. This 4-digit zip code can very easily be looked up on’s website under the tab “Mail & Ship” and “Look Up a Zip Code.”)

When we ship, we COPY/PASTE your address onto labels so there will not be any errors so it is extremely important you follow the example above when typing in and encrypting your address. If your address is NOT formatted correctly and the changes needed are not obvious to our shippers, processing and shipping may take longer as we may need to contact you again to ensure your address is correct which takes us additional processing time and you longer to receive your package.


Please add us to your ‘Following’ and continue to keep checking out this Vendor Store Homepage/About Page for continuous news updates, especially as we continue working hard servicing all of you on all the markets we are currently on and as we expand to other, new markets. We are extremely excited to be working with our regular customers and of course open to new ones who want to try our excellent quality products on all the markets we are currently on from above! Thanks again everyone and we look forward to working with you!

- The Craigman Team

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