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Extremely unique abstract photography art that pushes the boundaries of photography. Where the photo film and sensor turns into a canvas.


This is sn6op...

Welcome to the primary market of collections and independent single works of mine.

Each artwork is only 1 BTC.

I'm an internationally awarded photographer. I am creating non-figurative abstract works with analog and digital cameras for 20 years. I always like photography but everything began with the magic of the darkroom. The processes fascinated me. I knew, I was a visual person and the photograph is the way I would express myself. It became a language. As a person very interested in art, philosophy, psychology and other sciences; I try to express everything I feel, think and experiences with photography. And abstraction is the best, the widest and free way to do this. In photographic term we may say that abstraction simply began with darkroom manipulation. Today in digital age there are many options for this. I'm trying to use all of these and even try to find new ones. "Here I am talking about creating photos, not just taking pictures."

What I want to do here is to give you more than a simple photo. To explain the emotions, thoughts and concepts with photographs. To share an artist's passion, joy and sorrow. 

I want you all to surrender to art and find yourself. Immerse yourself in the magical world of art. This will set you free.

So you are ready to choose your artworks.



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