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Install OpenBazaar

For full installable versions of the OpenBazaar app, with the server and client bundled together, go to the OpenBazaar download page.

OpenBazaar 2.0 Desktop Application

This is the reference client for the OpenBazaar network. It is an interface for your OpenBazaar node, to use it you will need to run an OpenBazaar node either locally or on a remote server.

There are a variety of ways to install a copy of OpenBazaar on your system. We generally recommend installing a prebuilt package, but here are a few other supported options:

Note these instructions may make use of the command line. We use $ to indicate the command prompt — commands to type are on lines that are prefixed with that, while output lines are un-prefixed.

Installing from a Prebuilt Package

First, download the right version of OpenBazaar for your platform:

Download OpenBazaar for your platform   

Mac OS X and Windows

After downloading, install the application using the installer.


After downloading, either install the application by double clicking the .deb file or from the terminal.

Terminal Instructions:

$ sudo dpkg -i /path/to/deb/file
$ sudo apt-get install -f

Congratulations! You now have a working OpenBazaar installation on your computer.

Building from Source

If you want, you can also build OpenBazaar from source. You will need to install both a server and clientseparately if you go this path. The installer described above bundles both of these together for you.

  • For the OpenBazaar v2 Client take a look at the readme for install instructions.
  • For the OpenBazaar Server take a look at this document for instructions.

Upgrading OpenBazaar

Upgrading using installer

You may simply download a newer version of OpenBazaar from the official web site and install it over your current version.

Warning: This may modify your configuration files and migrate your database to a later version in a way that is not able to be downgraded. If you have any doubts about this you should backup your data folder.

Upgrading manually from source

In order to perform a manual upgrade of OpenBazaar, you will need to manually run updates for both the server and client. The procedure is as follows:

  • Stop the OpenBazaar server and client if they are running
  • Optionally backup your OpenBazaar data folder
  • Update the git repository for openbazaar-go wherever you have it installed
  • Update the git repository for openbazaar-desktop wherever you have it installed

You can also download the bundled version of the application from https://openbazaar.org/download and connect to a manually installed local or remote version of the server.



If you have any problems, come get live help at the OpenBazaar Slack or via Zendesk.

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