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Erotic stories for gay men. Literate fantasies grounded in recognizable situations. Think you can’t laugh while you beat off? Try Manley Seibervuc!


Seibervuc has, for years, for his own pleasure, written “one-handed stories with class, for gay men with working brains.”  Only now, thanks
to the promise of reliable privacy of cryptocurrency and Open Bazaar, is he
making his juicy, entertaining yarns publicly available to you.


characters are recognizable human males in reasonably plausible fictional situations.
Like their author, they tend to get jonesed by muscular, masculine adults who
are frankly and guiltlessly out for a good time, and not particularly
interested in domination or submission games of any description.  Have you noticed that the porn photos chosen for
this site all depict men who seem truly excited and happy to be fornicating with each other?  That’s the way—uh huh, uh huh—I like it!


all of the stories are (well-)written in English, and are exclusively available
through Open Bazaar.  They’re
copyrighted, but Manley’s more reliant on his readers’ respect to avoid any
commercial reproduction.  (Thanks!) 


Please visit Manley’s personal web page: (http://vntcdxrseifhdsuzex7axzqdl42okzgwbdi73awb4e7r3k3jkdu7rrid.onion/)!
 You’ll find there some free stories, free sample
intros to the more involved adventures, and a blog of mordant observations on
gay porn.  This is an “.onion” page on
the private net (a/k/a the darknet), so it can only
be reached with the Tor browser.  But the Tor browser is free and easy to
install, and a highly recommended app for anyone with a sensible modern concern for
his privacy.  


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