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Selling all things crypto including cold storage coins, funded physical coins, magazines, funded crypto art, crypto apparel, pins and more. In Crypto We Trust!


Crypto veteran in the space since 2013 - one of the top buyers/sellers of all things crypto Worldwide with a huge social crypto network.  I have been attending crtypto conferences around the Globe for over 3 years now, obtained numerous pieces of crypto art, cold storage coins, apparel, pins, magazines, physcial crypto coins and more.  I have been selling rare sports cards, clothing, crypto collectibles, true crime collectibles (mafia & hells angels), cufflinks, cigars and things on fleabay, I shit you not, since 1997 and loath using it these days. 

I am the owner operator of a 2-way Genesiscoin BTM I installed June of 2016, shortly there after I created and in 2017 began working on a blockchain project called which recently went live as a PoS network with master nodes.


I installed OB literally the first day it was originally released April 4 2016 for download and for months I had major issues staying connecting.  After trouble shootingfor weeks I gave up and uninstalled it.  I have met Brain Hoffman at numerous conferences and have heard of an OB2 app or dApp coming in the future which would be stellar for the community. Call it fate, today Oct 14, 2018 I decided to give it another shot out of the blue and very pleased I did.  

Seems to be working wonderful now with no connection issues, much friendlier UI and BTC wallet integration among other crypto.  I like what I see and will be porting my stash of crypto collectibles from fleabay over to OB1.

As of July 2019  I have also started listed some items on OB's Haven app also under BitBuzz as well as some virtual items such as NFT's on

You can find me on telegram as bitbuzzard if you have questions or you can check out my website at for email contact.

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