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Motor Reincarnation


Motor Reincarnation 

Our mission is to reincarnate iconic motor material into unique & elegant everyday objects!

Reincarnation is at the very core of many cultures and philosophies, in ancient Greek philosophy metempsychosis is the idea that, when a person dies, their soul is transferred into another body. Pythagoras and later on Plato popularized the concept in western culture, according to Plato’s view, there are a fixed number of souls in existence, and those souls transmigrate in and out of human and animal bodies, never being ended.

We, as devoted and faithful pertrolheads, believe in the souls of our automotive creations. Each designer and engineer put a little of their soul into each component, breathing life into it. Our reincarnations are homage to their passion.

Our passion is a pilgrimage through iconic motor history; our mission is to reincarnate iconic motor material into unique & elegant objects d’art with everyday purpose and pleasure!


The two attributes we are looking for during our purchase process are authenticity and form. We only work with genuine material which can produce an elegant new object. Once we receive each part we restore it with the utmost respect to its heritage & pedigree, researching and matching authentic era color codes and making sure its inherent value remains intact.


Some of the greatest engineers from the greatest design houses poured over each component to give it elegance and function. We honor this by devoting time and passion, reimagining each piece prior to giving its new function & form. Once a design is set we keep it on record and never copy it, in this way you can be sure that you have invested in a unique piece of engineering art. 

Quality & Elegance

Some of the motor parts we reincarnate, have been working on a car, bike, airplane, train or a boat for over 50 years; when giving new life to each object we feel obliged to design for at least as much. Only top class equipment and materials are used during every stage of building and the assembly process is completed with due diligence to make sure build quality is no less than perfect. Then the best part commences, each object is used under close supervision so every little detail is inspected, such as: paint odor, switch feel, eyebrow lift angle measurement, desire & enviable looks.


Now is the time for you to rethink that piece of motor history that has been standing in your warehouse or garage and let us reincarnate it into an elegant objet d’art giving everyday pleasure. Please feel free to contact us, send us some photos and we will come back with few ideas of how it could give you that smile every time you walk by your office desk or your living room wall! 


My formal education includes an Architecture Engineering degree in London and an Automotive Design Research masters in Coventry UK. My strong points were great handcraft work and unconventional ideas. 

During that period I was blessed by working for Lombarda Sport Ltd, an award winning Classic Alfa Romeo Specialist in Notting Hill, London, where my everyday job revolved around classic Alfas such as Spider, Bertone Coupe, Alfetta GTV, Giulia Sprint Speciale, SZ, Montreal, 2600 Touring Coupe and many more. I was practically living & working between the pages of an elegant automotive photo album. Upon my return to Greece, again I worked for over a decade with executive brands such as Audi, Mercedes, Land Rover and Jaguar. 

This experience taught me the essence of an exceptional motor product and the level of service its owner is accustomed to.

I would like to welcome you into my world of Motor Reincarnation,! 

One would argue that my work is heretical or unconventional and I couldn’t disagree more. My mission is to offer elegant & unique objects to people who appreciate true motor & industrial history while my aim is to see these objects on a wall next to exquisite paintings or standing on a hand crafted marquetry desk. 

Thank you for reading these lines and I hope you enjoy your visit to my shop! You can email me on and call me on +30 6947705578 (also on Viber).

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