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Welcome to Goji & More Store, I sell various gardening seeds majority if not all are hierlooms. I also sell digital art, as well as physical and other misc.


Hello everyone! This is my store at the moment: Goji and More Store! It has real items for sale and a test one at the moment. I was on the first version of OpenBazaar as (Gorilla Goods) I pretty much have the same items as before and plan to add more when 2.0 is out of BETA and in Full release.

I plan to add more art pieces that I have made and even Music that my client did covers on! I will be working on getting Gojiberry products on hopefully within the year like seeds, dried berries and cuttings (hopefully). 

As of right now my main offerings or listings are heirloom seeds and a couple art pieces. I plan to expand into more categories than the current ones available.

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