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Erotic stories too taboo for any normal store. (But not sick either.)


Hi, I'm Melissa Shay, and welcome to my erotica bookstore! You may remember me from OpenBazaar v.1, and now I'm back on OpenBazaar v.2. Initially, I started this store just to publish my own works because the rapey, underage stuff I write isn't allowed anywhere else, but then several other authors contacted me, wondering if I could publish their books too. I said yes, but only if their stories were not "sick."

See, I'm all for freedom of speech and believe that the more you condemn something, the more you drive it underground. I'm against real rape and real child abuse, but fantasies about such things are normal and healthy. Current society's problems would be less if we were more open about that, and I hope my store does its own small part in fighting sex crimes.

Why don't I have "sick" stories then? Well, while I'm all for that being available, I think a lot of people, myself included, would like a place where the stories may be about the taboo topics but not to the level where it turns their stomach. Those are the kinds of stories I publish here.

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