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3rd Generation Carver originally from Tuktoyaktuk NWT. All Handmade Carvings by Canadian Artists. Custom Orders more than welcome!!


I also have a shop in Etsy with some listings, but would be awesome to see you buy through Haven!

My shop is unique because I have carvings and sculptures straight from our shop and fresh off polishing made by us. You buy authentic, traditional and modern ways of Inuit art straight from the artist!
I was born and raised in Tuktoyaktuk NWT, was taught and still learning how to master the soapstone sculpting. Was brought down from my late Daduck (Grandfather) to my Mom, Aunts, Uncles and relatives. Our style of carving is very unique, very original by our view of traditional scenes, wild life and beliefs. Inuvialuit are from the Northwest part of Canada, therefore have different styles and traditions from many other Inuit carvings, and Inuit life across Canada. Living life right on the West Coast of the Arctic Ocean has brought us and taught us so many life lessens that would enrich our traditions.
You will see that there are 12 carvers in my family.
Starting from my late Daduck (Grandpa)

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