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I specialise in seeds and seedlings of the San Pedro cactus (Trichocereus Pachanoi), as well as its close relatives the Peruvian Torch (Trichocereus Peruvianus) and the Bolivian Torch (Trichocereus Bridgesii). I also sell lesser known "sacred cacti".

They are called “sacred” because native tribes of both North and South America considered them a gift from the gods, using them in their shamanic rituals for thousands of years. 

My best selling product is my Pachanoi seeds, which are guaranteed to be very pure, as they come from the plant of my banner photo and were hand pollinated with another pure Pachanoi, in the most rigorous setting, enclosing the flowers in pollination bags so that bees don’t cross-pollinate them. You have the absolute guarantee that both the mother (fruit bearer) and the father (which gives its pollen) are pure Pachanoi. 

If you don't feel like growing the San Pedro from seeds, I also offer them as seedlings. 

You can do your own research on cactus forums, you will find out that most San Pedro seeds for sale around the world are in fact NOT San Pedro. They are usually hybrids between San Pedro and another specie in the vast Trichocereus genre. You often end up with a completely different plant. The ones I sell are GUARANTEED pure Pachanoi.

Lastly, you can also be sure these plants are NOT the unwanted, undesirable “PC Pachanoi” that is so common in North America. You will get a very pure strain of the classic San Pedro.

All the live plants I sell have been grown without any pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers or chemicals - only rain water!

When you order, you will receive instructions on how to successfully grow it from seeds. It’s easy! :)

IF YOU ORDER VARIOUS ITEMS at the same time, then I will most likely thrown in a few freebies of my own choice. :)

MY LISTINGS DO NOT INCLUDE A VERIFIED MODERATOR. CAN YOU TRUST ME? I did not bother with a moderator because it’s cheaper and easier without one, and most of my products aren’t expensive anyway. My shop is recommended in the video “Where to buy San Pedro seeds and seedlings” on the YouTube channel San Pedro Mastery. Check it out:

PLEASE NOTE: I sell these seeds and plants for ornamental, botanical and collecting purposes only. They will grow into majestic cacti. They are not for consumption. I will happily reply to questions regarding growing these plants. However, I will not reply to questions regarding any other use. By placing an order with me, you are agreeing you will be using the plants for ornamental, botanical or collecting purposes only. 

The legal status of the seeds and plants I sell can vary a lot from a country to another. I advise my potential buyers to check their national laws and bylaws before placing an order. I do not want to induce anyone to act in conflict with the law and cannot be held responsible for those who do. 

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