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A multitude of Digital D&D Goods


I've been a Dungeon Master for a few years now, starting in 4th Edition before coming to 5th Edition. This store will offer up a variety of different items designed to assist/inspire my fellow DMs! For now I'll keep it simple but may expand to include the following items based on demand!

- Monster/NPC Stat Blocks

- Magic Items

- Standalone Encounters

- Maps I've created (built using Hexographer)

- Writeups of Adventures I've run

I'm also happy to consider custom requests!

Content will be delivered by messaging of a link

Bitcoin Cash is the preferred payment choice

All donations welcome - bitcoincash:qz6sjlnl9z0lxdkzau8027ahtzt95sglfuyvlj05a5

My content is licensed using the MIT License so use/modify it any way you want but please do not claim that you made it yourself, thanks!

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