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It is our postion to do the heavy lifting with prepriotary informational research based analysis & handle the time consuming data mining to discover arbitrage abnormallies, unusual beta activity, investor sentiment physcology, insider trades, 10 Qs along with the many other nuances of the tools and due diligence research needed to profit within the new paradigm fintech crypto arena which is too much for the average person or the upper tier proffesional to manage. Our members only informational service and guaranteed block pool products will shorten the process and allow more priceless quality time to your life.

Thirty years of trading, marriage and culinary experience along with meeting some of the most colorful and hard working people on both high and low roads of my life has enabled me to create an exceptional work ethic, loyalty and vision that helped me discover some unique methodologies of business management and trading, Which resonates with many people sharing the same ethics and moral compass setting, I share some of the time tested and proven methodologies with my members as regional website administrator / partner of Mymo247/ Ybitz Global / IHodl.us 

 iHodl is a trust but validate work in progress and welcomes you to take that first step and join today,  Welcome aboard!

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