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In crypto since 2015. Privacy, FOSS and free market enthusiast.
Co-founder of the biggest local Monero community: https://XMR.RU/


My name is TheFuzzStone and my avatar has never been changed.

I'm in crypto since late 2015. Co-founder of the biggest local Monero community: XMR.RU

What I'm doing here?

1) I can sell you any cryptocurrency that is traded on Binance, Kucoin or without KYC/AML, and without proof-of-funds;

2) Need an escrow? I can escrow your deal. My total amount of completed deals: 2.96 BTC and 7.5 ETH. See my thread with feedbacks:

Also I'm in the default trust list of Bitcointalk forum, see this:

Need more info? Want to ask me a question?

Feel free to contact me! :-) The best way to do it:

1) Telegram: (Telegram ID: 253373664). Always check my Telegram ID, use this bot:

2) Jabber: (we can use OTR, OpenPGP or OMEMO to encrypt our conversation)

3) Matrix/Riot:

4) Keybase-chat:

Time zone: UTC+3 (Kyiv/Kiev) 

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