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Fine Jewelry Only - Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamonds, Gemstones..


In Love With Precious Metals And Gemstones

am enthusiastic jeweler and expert gemologist (4th generation) with
more then 25 years of experience. My grandgrandpa started our family
workshop in already non-existent Austro-Hungarian empire.

I love to work with precious metals, diamonds and gemstones, thus you
will find only pure silver/gold items alternatively set by diamonds
and/or real gemstones in my shop. I never liked too much "modern" or
cheap materials like stainless steel, brass, cheap alloys etc. and I am
now probably too old to follow these fashion trends. So I hope you will
enjoy also some precious handmade items.

Though I am not very familiar with modern technologies (like OpenBazaar ☺ )
with help of my nieces and nephews I will ship your order fast, in
perfect quality and answer all your questions quickly.

Thank you for visiting ☺

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