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This is a Timberland watch I bought in 1999 when I was in the army and it served me well.

I wore the watch regularly up until 2005, since then it was kept at home in the drawer at the side of my bed. I had the battery replaced in 2011 and when the new battery was put in the watch ticked a bit louder than it used to, so the watch was put back in the drawer at the side of my bed.

The new battery has since then died.

I'm moving home soon so selling a lot of unused stuff including my watch.

I don't know if this watch is any good to anybody but it's here for somebody that wants it.

The watch is used, the battery will need replaced and the watch seems to tick a little bit louder than it should, I don't know if it could be repaired or adjusted. There is some wear on the leather straps.

I no longer have the box or documents for the watch, they may be in storage somewhere, if I find the box and documents I will update the description.

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