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UK Cheese
The name ‘UK
Cheese’ is an ode to the strain’s birthplace. It is rumored to be a
phenotype of Cheese that showed unusual, yet favorable uniqueness out of
a pack of Sensi Seeds Skunk #1 that was grown in the hills of southern
England (hence the UK in the name).
The phenotype had larger buds and a splendidly pungent cheese smell
among other characteristics that set it apart. This plant of the Skunk
#1 was cloned and renamed Cheese after its distinct smell.
Considering the Skunk #1 heritage of Afghanistan (Indica), Mexico
(Sativa), Colombia (Sativa), we believe the original strain of Cheese
(which is just a phenotype of Skunk #1 remember) can be regarded as a
50/50 Hybrid. This is because it has a near perfect blend of genetics to
affect the body and mind equally

The Legend Of The UK Cheese Strain

The legend of UK Cheese starts around the year of 1993, when a Cheese
clone was passed on to an alternative community (group) by the name of,
“Exodus,” who lived just north of London (Luton). This DIY culture group
has been around in the UK since the 90’s, and is famous for their free
community dance events, the farm, and social housing projects. Their
free parties on weekends were known to attract thousands of people from
all over.

However, their stance on marijuana is one of the things that caused them
to have many problems with the law. The members of the collective
protested UK law by outwardly growing and smoking marijuana in public.
With heavy traffic through the community, many clones of the original UK
Cheese were given out to travelers as gifts. Its budding notoriety in
the UK caused Cheese clones to be passed around an extensive network of
growers all throughout the 90’s. Cheese was a clone-only strain for some
time, but many phenotypes of Cheese have surfaced since. It is believed
by some that the original UK/Exodus phenotype is still floating around
in the hands of the most senior of growers. It would be something
special to get our hands on a bag of that medicine.

Very stoned and long lasting, slow creeper. UK
Cheese has a long list of medical uses, and is widely prescribed to
alleviate many aches an illnesses. This hybrid is a very useful strain
in the mission to cure chronic stress and its symptoms, allowing
patients to find relief and a solid state of calm and comfort, amidst a
stressful situation.

This strain can help patients who struggle to deal with feelings of
depression and anxiety, as it can soothe tired and stressed out nerves,
and allowing the patient relief. UK Cheese is also a powerful ally in
the fight against many pain conditions, alleviating and restoring a
patient to a more comfortable state.


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UK Cheese

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