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We all know that the casino always wins. At least until BlockStamp Games came along! 

A typical roulette wheel has a zero and gives you a 47.5% chance of winning when you bet on red or black. Our No-Zero Roulettewheel takes away the casino advantage, the so-called house edge and leaves you with a 50 - 50 chance of winning on a red/black bet.

We believe that chance cannot be controlled. Fair chances are ensured by the BlockStamp blockchain’s with SHA256 hashing function, which generates pseudorandom numbers.. 

If we are wrong, and the pseudorandom numbers can be controlled or predicted somehow --  let’s say by parapsychological, spiritual or other abnormal methods -- then you may be able to get an unfair advantage playing here :) 

Enjoy Radically Fair roulette at BlockStamp Games





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