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Control your chances with exact numbers on the BlockStamp blockchain. In this game, there is no house edge and your luck is entirely up to you!

You’ll be rolling virtual 100-sided die. Simply select a target number and whether you are betting that the die will land on a number under or over that target number. 

The lower your odds of winning, the higher your payout! Let’s say, for example, the die lands on number 90. If you bet that it would land on a number over 75, you will have bigger payout than if you bet on a number over 60.

We believe that chance cannot be controlled. Fair chances are ensured by the BlockStamp blockchain’s with SHA256 hashing function, which generates pseudorandom numbers.. 

If we are wrong, and the pseudorandom numbers can be controlled or predicted somehow --  let’s say by parapsychological, spiritual or other abnormal methods -- then you may be able to get an unfair advantage playing here :) 

Enjoy Radically Fair Crypto Dice at BlockStamp Games 




No returns, try your luck with demo version at https://blockstamp.games/


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