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OpenBazaar Sticker

Perfect for a laptop. Show your support for decentralized trade with these 2.2" X 3" die cut stickers.




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Date C D D O Review
1/22/20, 2:50 AM 5 3 5 4 It took about a month to get my stickers. Not sure why, but they gave me a free phone strap along with an apology. I'm happy with their service though, and will buy from them again. QmTt7zwMfaxSbjCbD6GHs8ZM3gfvUYZNw2Yyp5ABjrZLNy
1/22/20, 2:50 AM 3 3 5 4 I got more than I asked for and was happy with everything. Thank so much. QmWgqjtnWSaqY5RBbaQYyANg1obb665ckZwaaTViczWV1e
1/22/20, 2:50 AM 5 3 5 5 Something with the order did not work out at the beginning and I had to contact the store. After I sent a message the items got sent immediately and arrived as described.
1/22/20, 2:50 AM 5 5 5 5 I received the stickers as advertized! They even refunded for initially missing my order. QmXCdrDjt2zpq5rbwp3qJMRMHfJgrhhzZ6jx5zBGc3A7x6
1/22/20, 2:50 AM 4 3 4 4 thanks for the stickers! dunno why it took so long to get here... QmeSyTRaNZMD8ajcfbhC8eYibWgnSZtSGUp3Vn59bCnPWC
1/22/20, 2:50 AM 5 5 5 5 Seller shipped the item right away and even gave me an extra sticker with my order. Love OpenBazaar and the community here!
1/22/20, 2:50 AM 5 5 3 5 Awesome way to rep OB! My first purchase on both v1 and v2. Sticker which arrived was a bit different than the photo though.

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