USB Meter, DROK Digital Multimeter USB 2.0, Multifunctional Electrical Tester, Capacity Voltage, Current Power Meter Detector Reader with Du


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Is your mobile device not charging properly, and you suspect the new charger that you bought recently?Do you want to check If your solar charger is giving proper current for your mobile device?Specification: ✓ Input voltage : 3. 20 - 15. 0V✓ Resolution: 0. 01V (/=10V)✓ Measuring current: 0. 00 -3. 00a (10a max, but cannot work in 10a for long time)✓ Resolution: 0. 01A✓ Capacitance measurement: 0-99999 MA/H✓ Capacitance accumulation: Yes✓ Power testing: 0. 00-9. 99-99. 9W✓ Over-voltage alarm: when voltage >/=5. 6V, voltage digital point will Flash quickly✓ Lacking-voltage alarm✓ Over-current alarm : when current >/=3A, current digital point will Flash quickly✓ Short-circuit alarm: current digital point will Flash quickly dual USB output✓ Output I (dual function - device charging and data transfer)The charging current, in this case, is determined by compatibility. you can view the voltage and current values at the same time. ✓ Output II (device charging only)The built-in intelligent charging control IC matches the most appropriate and safest current for your devices automatically. It is used mainly for non-original chargers, but it is suitable for original chargers as well. This universal USB gadget is suitable for most of the mobile phones, mobile power, tablet PCS and other USB devices, like BC1. 2, yt/d1591-2009 and non-bc1. 2 (including iPad, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy). Get yours today by clicking “ add to cart above!



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