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Need to conduct an Airdrop, run a company, or split a bill? Then, what you need is an accountant. Eliminate the hassle of doing math, copy/pasting addresses, and typing out specific amounts of NANO to pay people. We can automate the process for you, whether if you want to split the profits of your latest gig amongst your friends, or if you want to become an influencer by paying thousands of your followers fractions of NANO to get likes+ on social media. Your imagination is the limit.

Here's a list of skills you have available:

-Evenly split pay among any amount of addresses.

-Split pay based on rank.

-Split specific percentages.

-Split by specified amounts.

-Autopay each address.


Each purchase is per NANO address.
An order can and should have multiple addresses.
Please provide a list of addresses and instructions.


We can refund you if your purchase does not match the request.
Once the task is complete we cannot refund you.


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