POOVER USB Rechargeable 9v batteries 680mAh Li-ion with 4 in 1 USB Cable for Keyboard Microphone Smoke Alarm (2pack)


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Advantages of POOVER 9V USB Battery 【BMS smart protection 】Original Smart battery management system protect from Over Current,Over Voltage,Short Circuit,Over Charge & Discharge【Auto Reset 】by re-charge, Automatically close circuit when short circuit and high temperature【Convenient charging design 】Portable micro USB charging cable and 9v lithium ion charger【1.5 Hrs Fast charging】fit for USB port device to charge【Auto turn light LED indicator】Red in charging ; full charged in Green【High Capacity】680mAh of POOVER USB 9V Li-ion Battery. It’s 2-3 times of normal alkaline 9V battery, 3-4 times of normal Ni-Mh 9v battery【slow self-discharge】< 1% /month with Long standby【Long cycle life】80%(DOD)after 800 cycles,5 more-Year Lifespan 【No maintenance & Ready to use】Pre-charged Lipo battery no memory effect【No detonation & no fire】High quality & density lithium-ion polymer (lipo) cells, environmentally friendly POOVER Rechargeable 9V battery SpecsBattery model : USB 9v lithium-ion polymer rechargeable batteriesBattery Capacity : 680mAh @0.2C discharge 25℃Charging method : Both Micro USB Cable and 9V li-ion charger Full charged voltage : 8.4±0.05 voltCycle life : 80%(DOD)after 800 cycle life Max.constant discharge current (Amp) : up to 1.4 A / 1400 mAh (2C)Dimensions : 48.5 * 26.5 * 17.5 (mm) Working Temperature: -20℃-60℃ (-4℉-140℉)Charging / Storage Temperature: 0℃-45℃ ( 32℉- 113℉)Weight : 28g/batteryWide ApplicationReal & High capacity(Not false), longer endurance, the POOVER USB 9V Li-ion battery is the ideal choose for DIY Tool & devices as below :Fire detector,Wireless microphone,Portable medical device,Electrical toy,remote control system,Guitar bass pickup,Portable radio,Flashlight



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