FIDO2 Security Key [Folding Design] Thetis Universal Two Factor Authentication USB (Type A) for Multi-Layered Protection (HOTP)


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The newly certified Thetis FIDO2 Security Key is the perfect way to protect your online account information. By being FIDO2 certified with world class authentication, FIDO2 is the essential security key to protect all of your data. It is fully backwards compatible with U2F and supports all websites that follow the U2F protocol. With HOTP (One Time Password) technology, FIDO2 is a multi-layered authentication process that protects all of your personal info. A compact design fits in your hand! POWERFUL AUTHENTICATION Multi-layered authentication with passwordless technology provides greater security than generic keys. UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY FIDO2 key is backwards compatible with any and all websites that follow basic U2F protocol. PORTABILITY 360° design forged with a durable aluminum alloy to protect key from drops or scratches. Take it anywhere!



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