CT ENERGY Lithium Coin Cell Charger for Rechargeable 2032 Coin Batteries LIR2016 Button Cells Li-ion 2025 Button Batteries with 2PCS


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The CT ENERGY lithium coin cell charger is not only for LIR2032, but also for LIR1620, 1632, 2016, 2025 coin cells. Blue and red LEDs indicate charging status: Red= charging or no loading; Blue= full charge Specification Model: CT-LIR-A03 Charger: USB constant current charging Input: 5V DC 1A(max.) Ouput: 4.2V DC 40mA Battery: CT ENERGY lithium ion rechargeable 2032 coin cell Voltage: 3.6V Capacity: 40mAh Battery size: Width: 20mm; TH: 3.2mm Weight: 0.01oz Full charge time: 2H Working temperature: -20~60℃ Warranty: 2 years for the charger Features Long cycle life: under normal usage, the cycle life of CT ENERGY LIR2032 is over 500 circles (with capacity ≥70%). High power density: it makes CT ENERGY LIR2032 light in weight and smart in dismension, which is ideal for watch, remote control, Pokemon GO Plus, Logitech wireless solar Keyboard K750, Icy hot smart relief tens therapy, blood sugar meters and more. Safe and reliable: there is no floating metal lithium and it assures a safer usage. High working voltage: the working voltage is up to 3.6V, approx. 3 times of the voltage of Ni-Mh or Ni-Cd, which reduces the quantity of the battery needed and protects environment. No memory effect: constant and maximum power supply, low self-discharging rate ≤7% per month. Package Content 1 X charger 2 X 3.6V 2032 (LIR2032) rechargeable batteries



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