Affiliate Marketing (OB and Haven)


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Our team will market your OB/Haven Listing or Store of your choice for a specified amount of time. 

Ad includes link to the listing/store, picture, and Haven compatible QR code. See images for samples. You will be provided with links and descriptions to where your ad(s) is/are being marketed.

If you choose the 'listing' option, one listing will be marketed per order.

If you choose the 'store' option, the store itself will be marketed + a list of listings or your choice.


You must provide the "ob://" address to your listing or store.
If you will be promoting a store, please provide enough links corresponding to the marketing period.
Example: 3 days = 1 Store Link + 2 Listing Links.
No drugs, weapons, adult content, shady stuff, ect...
I have the right to refuse service for any reason. You will be refunded in full if not approved.


Once the marketing process has started, there is no refund.


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