Abraham Lincoln Penny Portrait Kit - Unique DIY Craft Wall Art


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A Penny Portrait kit is a fun way for kids and grown-ups alike to create a fantastic work of art and maybe learn a thing or two in the process! Each kit includes a poster of Abe Lincoln made from images of actual pennies. The poster is suitable for framing as is, but with a little effort, some glue, and 846 of your own pennies, you can have a truly unique work of art that you will enjoy for years to come. We include easy-to-follow instructions for sorting your pennies, adhering them to your poster and framing the final portrait. We even include a 12 page educational booklet filled with information including: -Interesting facts about the life of Abraham Lincoln. -The history of the Lincoln penny and a valuable penny guide. -Simple and safe chemistry experiments with pennies and household materials. -How your eye recognizes the image of Lincoln (even when it’s made of pennies!) This booklet is a great way to extend learning in a classroom setting and is perfect for home schoolers. Where else can you learn about history, politics, art, chemistry and money all in one fun-filled activity! If you order from www.PennyPortrait.com, you’ll save $2 and get a genuine 1943 steel penny as well. A unique piece of U.S. history sure to fascinate young and old alike.



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