9V Voltage Regulator, DROK DC Buck Converter 5V-23V 12V to 0.01-18V 5V Power Supply Step Down Transformer Module, 3A LCD Volt Stabilizer Cir


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DROK DC/DC Converter Parameter: Input voltage: 5v-23v, recommended within 20v Output voltage: 0.01-18v continuously adjustable, automatically save the last set voltage value (input voltage should be 1V higher than output voltage). Output Current: 3A max, recommended within 2A. (Over 2A, please enhance heat dissipation.) Input reverse connection protection: Yes Short-circuit protection: No Accuracy: 0.01V, 0.01A Display: LCD dual display, 3-digit Conversion efficiency: up to 95% (varies from input/output voltage/current, voltage difference) Load regulation: S (I) ≤0.8% Voltage regulation: S (u) ≤0.8% Size: 62 x 44 x 18mm Features: 1). This DC-DC buck converter is with calibration function, don't need to worry if the measurement is not accurate. 2). Equipped with protective shell, this step-down voltage converter is durable. 3). This DC volt transformer adopts HD LCD screen, can display voltage and current clearly at the same time. 4). There are two voltage adjustment buttons on the power supply module, it is convenient for voltage adjusting. Voltage adjustment button: Left button -- decrease; right button -- increase. Short press -- fine adjust by 0.01V; hold press for 1s -- fast adjust. Note: The case needs to assemble after received. If used for charging, when finish charging, please disconnect power supply first and then disconnect input of the voltage regulator module, in case current backflow and module damage. Package included: 1 x 9V Voltage Regulator



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