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Umbra is the solo project of Belgrade-based Marija Balubdžić. Umbra expresses the dichotomy between her need for noise and melodies, meditative vs. macabre moods, heaven and hell. “They were a public duel between the voice and looper, with only a vague idea of structure that pre-existed,” she says about the tracks on her new album Unglued. Umbra's songs (as “tracks” wouldn't do them justice) were largely born of live performances, and capture the raw essence of improvisation. The voice becomes the expressive tool appearing in its various guises: utilitarian and at other times, taking the centre stage. The lyrics, sung both in Serbian and English, are existential mantras. 

"Balubdžić has told the shadow history of her city, with herself at the heart of it. " The Wire 

"Her music is far more than your average ‘looper music’ though, never dealing in emotion as simple as the bliss-outs that litter the sub genre (eg Julianna Barwick) or solely in chaotic noise." The Quietus 

"The success of this cassette comes from the diversity of tracks and the sweetness of Marija’s voice – no shrieking or grotesque shoutings here, just a minute attention to well-balanced experiments, solid textures and a paean to the glory of the female voice." Continuo Docs 

Released September 15, 2017. Edition of 70. We sell this tape cheaper than on Bandcamp to help support the platform and promote our shop.

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