Weapon X #1-3 (1995) Comic Books




Weapon X #1-3 (1995) by Marvel Comics

1 (March 1995)

Cover by Adam Kubert. Unforgiven Trespasses, script by Larry Hama, pencils by Adam Kubert, inks by Karl Kesel, Dan Green, and Chris Warner; Wolvie and Jean utilize a Sentinel to attack the Mid-Atlantic sea wall of Apocalypse and run up against Havok during the skirmish; They return to the Human High Council with their mission completed and an attack on the Council by Magma convinces the humans to begin a devastating final assault against Apocalypse. Continued from X-Men: Alpha (Marvel, 1994 series) #1; Ties in With Factor X and Astonishing X-Men. Age of Apocalypse storyline.2 (April 1995)

Cover by Adam Kubert. Fire in the Sky, script by Larry Hama, pencils by Adam Kubert, inks by Dan Green; Wolvie stops Box and Copycat from killing humans being relocated to Europe; Then he stops Pierce from killing the Human High Council; But when Jean decides to try and head off the devastating attack the humans are planning against Apocalypse, he lets her go. Age of Apocalypse storyline. Text piece about the Age of Apocolypse. 3 (May 1995)

Cover by Adam Kubert and Dan Green. The Common Right of Toads and Men, script by Larry Hama, pencils by Adam Kubert, inks by Dan Green and Mike Sellers; Wolvie heads to Wundagore Mountain and tries to convince Gateway to help in the impending assault against Apocalypse. X-Facts: Where Have All The Heroes Gone?; Text piece about X-Universe.




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