General McQuarrie (Star Wars 30th Anniversary Collection) Action Figure


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Hailing from the prosperous planet of Ralltiir, General Pharl McQuarrie watches as his world is crushed in the iron-fisted grasp of the Empire. He joins the Rebel Alliance and helps establish the Rebels' new base on Hoth, working closely with his friend Jeroen Webb.

  • BlasTech DH-17 Blaster Pistol
  • Removable Headgear
  • Collector Coin
  • This figure was inspired by the cameo appearance of concept artist Ralph McQuarrie, who created the initial designs for the Star Wars universe, and is honored this year with the McQuarrie Signature Seriesline of concept action figures.

    This item is 100% factory sealed and smoke and pet free. It will ship bubble wrapped and well packed in a small USPS Priority Mail box, usually within a day of the purchase. A tracking number will be emailed as well.





    Star Wars

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