Drapion (Semi-Rare) in PokemonGO


12.99 USD BUY


This Pokemon will be traded to you and you'll (most times) receive a bonus of 3 candy for the trade.

The CP for this Pokemon will be 700 or higher.

Note: Trades for Pokémon which you have not already caught cost a lot of stardust. It is best to become Ultra Friends in the game before the trade because it will cost less stardust for the trade.


Please keep in mind that CP and IV change when a Pokémon is traded. The CP will often change to something very close but the IV is random. You will need to stay logged out of your account 1 hour before and after the trade occurs. You'll need to provide your login info for me to log into your account and make the trade. We must become ultra friends before the trade.


Once a Pokémon is traded, the game will not let you trade it back. No returns.



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