Fortune Telling


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You may ask me one question about your future. 

I will use my auguring powers to provide you with an answer.


The one whose fortune is to be told understands that the future is often cloudy, and as such, subject to many events happening concurrently and into the future. While I will try to tell you the likelihood of an event, I cannot actually know the future. You, to some extent, must take hold of the cards which have been dealt to you by fate (and myself), and choose how they are played.

Further, I will ask all the clarifying questions I require to augur into your future. You get exactly one (1) question to me for each purchase.

Sometimes, an answer will require more time or material components to devine. If extra time or components are necessary, you will be further billed. Further billing must be completed before your fortune is told to you.

By purchasing a fortune-telling, you waive the fortune-teller of all responsibilities for your eventual fate, including those that result directly from the fortune-telling.


Regardless of whether you like what I tell you, I'm going to need to eat.

As such, there is a strict no-returns policy on any fortune.



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