Lightning Bolt Neon Style LED Wall Lamp - Lightning Network (USB powered) ⚡




Neon style LED light in the shape of a lightning bolt. Warm white light. 

Love Bitcoin and the lightning network ⚡⚡⚡? Then this is perfect for you!

Low consumption (USB powered, adapter not included). Very light and can easily be fixed to a wall. Plug it into any phone charger or computer USB port. 

Approximate dimensions are 35 x 13cm. And yes, of course you can pay for this item with LNBTC (if you wish - see below)!

Shipped from EU. Free worldwide shipping :)

⚡ bitcoin lightning payments accepted! 

If you'd like to save on bitcoin fees, or just try out LN payments, I'm happy to accept them! This is not supported by OpenBazaar, so if you'd like to pay using LN BTC, please complete the checkout on OpenBazaar as normal, but do not pay. Instead copy the BTC amount to be paid and go to my page to make the payment. Once payment has been made, message or email me with your OB order ID so that I can process your order. Thank you! 



Returns not accepted unless found to be defective.

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4/1/21, 6:44 PM 5 5 5 5 Due to COVID-19 there was a very understandable delay which was communicated openly and friendly. Everything about the ordering process and the product itself was flawless and smooth. QmZqQD511eYby5s9aGAVSo7Z2NeyUG5XjjRrfEqd5Vg8BK
4/1/21, 6:44 PM 5 5 5 5 Love it! Nice product, A+ service QmPLmeMjun2b6qux6HaRzvWEGhNzKRmGZYEC5fFFpbBkf4

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