Inkston Perfect 70 Xuan Paper




INKSTON Perfect 70 Xuan Paper contains 70% very fine Pteroceltis
Tatarinowii tree bark, it is untreated/unsized (raw/uncooked in Chinese)
and is suitable for both painting and calligraphy. It is especially
recommended for professional use.

To make this Perfect grade paper the fibres are steamed/boiled and
the pulp mixed for several hours longer than usual. This makes the paper
finer and stronger than normal Xuan Paper. It takes 2 years to prepare
the raw materials and 7 days to make the paper.

This is fine 39gsm paper, in large 138x70cm size (I sheet has a surface area equivalent to 15 sheets A4).

Available in pack sizes:

  • 10 sheets (0.34kg net weight)

  • 25 sheets half-width (0.43kg net weight)

  • 25 sheets (0.85kg net weight)

  • 50 sheets (1.7kg net weight)

  • 100 sheets (3.4kg net weight)

Handmade in the most traditional way with spring water, 2 years old Pterocelti Tatarinowii tree barks and rice straw.

This pack of paper is handmade at the ancient Xuan Paper workshop featured in Xuan paper making – a Unesco intangible heritage.

For more information about Xuan paper types and usage see Chinese Xuan 1,000 year old Truth paper.

Should you have any queries about this item, please contact Inkston.

About Inkston: Inkston is a leading supplier
of high quality traditional oriental art materials, ceramics, silver, embroidery and silks. As well as materials they provide
informative articles and an active artists community site, with something of interest for everyone. Please check out their website and blog for further information. If you find anything you would like to purchase via opebazaar on their website that has not yet been listed here, please send me the link and I will list it for you :) 


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