CAT5E Ethernet RJ45 LAN Network PC Cable, different sizes and colours ⚡




High quality
ethernet cable for connecting your LAN equipped devices (e.g. PC,
Laptop, PS3, Xbox 360, BluRay Player) to you network or router.

With moulded plugs
for long lasting design these cables are perfect for your home or

Using new
lightweight technologies these cables use new copper clad aluminium
strands, which not only reduces cost and weight, but the slimmer
design makes them easier to route than traditional ethernet cables.

  • 4
    twisted pair cables

  • 24AWG

  • RJ45
    8 wire (8P8C) moulded connectors

  • UTP

    568B compliant

Due to this being a
low value of this item it will be sent via normal mail unless you
choose to pay extra for registered mail.

If you need a load of ethernet cables, buy the whole lot and save yourself some money. The lot of 7 consists of 2 x 2m grey cables, plus one of each other type.

Shipped from the EU

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