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Lovely, friendly, fun DOGE coin :)

Much digital, such currency, so wow!

⚡ bitcoin lightning payments accepted! 

If you'd like to save on bitcoin fees, or just try out LN payments, I'm happy to accept them! This is not supported by OpenBazaar, so if you'd like to pay using LN BTC, please complete the checkout on OpenBazaar as normal, but do not pay. Instead copy the BTC amount to be paid and go to my page to make the payment. Once payment has been made, message or email me with your OB order ID so that I can process your order. Thank you! 


For general info and T&Cs, please see my home page. You will receive the full amount you order minus the standard DOGE transaction fee. Once I've sent you your coins, there's no going back! Order will be processed as quickly as possible, you will most likely have your coins in under 24 hours. Please order the full amount available due to the low value. You will receive the full amount from the listing minus the DOGE transaction fee.


Well, you can return them to me if you're feeling generous :D DDUGWhAg9N8mUnwfcNyZCsRWCCBsGzE7gJ Just don't expect anything in return other than good karma 😂😂




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