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Need something printed but don't have access to a printer? Ran out of ink / toner?

If you're not in a big hurry, feel free to send me your documents by email and I'll print them for you (on a black and white laser printer) and send them to whichever address you provide.

If your order requires 10 sheets of A4 or less, pay as little as 1 cent (0.01€) per page plus a one off postage fee.

Black and white, text only please (small graphics such as logos are OK). Orders will normally be processed and sent in under 48 hours. And don't worry, my printer is more modern than the one in picture ;)

Orders are sent from the EU 

How to order: Select whether you want your documents printed single sided or double, and on thicker, 100 GSM paper or the standard 80 GSM. Then check how many pages you need to print and select whether the order will require 10 or less, or more than 10 sheets of paper. Then click on "Buy" and on the next page, enter the amount of pages to be printed in "Quantity". For example, if you have a 10 page document to be printed on both sides, it will require 5 sheets paper, however you still need to enter 10 in the quantity. Don't forget to select your preferred postage service and enter delivery details. 
Please send me only the pages you need printed, perferably in pdf format. A4 only please! If you require multiple copies of the same document, just let me know in the comments and multiply the number of pages by the number of copies when you enter the quantity. If you need documents sent to different addresses, please make a seperate order for each delivery address.
Privacy: Your documents will not be read, and will be deleted along with your email and email address once the order has been fulfilled. 

⚡ bitcoin lightning payments accepted! 

If you'd like to save on bitcoin fees, or just try out LN payments, I'm happy to accept them! This is not supported by OpenBazaar, so if you'd like to pay using LN BTC, please complete the checkout on OpenBazaar as normal, but do not pay. Instead copy the BTC amount to be paid and go to my page to make the payment. Once payment has been made, message or email me with your OB order ID so that I can process your order. Thank you! 


For general infor and T&Cs, please visit my homepage.


The order is final once it's been processed.



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