5W 5V Solar Panel Portable USB Solar Charger ⚡


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One brand new Portable 5W 5V USB solar charger with USB female socket. 

Suitable for charging USB devices. Please note that this is just the panel with the USB female socket (no battery is included) and is therefore only suitable for charging devices during the day. That said, if your device is not power hungry and has a battery (for example goTenna Mesh - tested and working), you should be able to get 24 hour off the grid operation, in suitable weather conditions. Output is rated at 5V 5W, however please note that this rating is for optimal conditions, ie, bright sunlight, clear skies, and the panel facing the optimal position for generating electicity. So in real world conditions you're likely to get less output. 

While it is designed for outdoor use, I would recommend keeping out of exptreme weather conditions or finding additional waterproofing solutions in order to maximise its useful life, especially for the circuits and cables at the rear. Obviously the USB socket should not be allowed to get wet.

Please check your device for compatibility before ordering.

Approximate weight: 100g

Approximate dimensions: 145 x 89 x 10 mm

Shipped from the EU or China (choose on checkout. Deliveries to EEA can optionally be sent from EU for faster delivery). Free worldwide shipping :)

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For general info and T&Cs, please see my home page.


Returns not accepted unless found to be defective.

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