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Love Spain? Or maybe there's just something you really miss from there that you just can't find in your country. 

Purchase this listing and write to me and let me know what you're after, and I will source the product and list it for you on this store so you can purchase it.

The price will include a markup of between 5 and 15% (depending on the overall value and how easy it is to find) to cover admin expenses, plus shipping to the country of your choice, minus the price of this listing (5€ - consider it a deposit)


Te encanta España? O quizás eres un español que vive en el extranjero y hay algún producto español que realmente echas de menos. 

Sea cual sea tu caso, compra este servicio y contacta conmigo para contarme qué productos españoles estás buscando. Compraré el producto en cuestión y crearé un anuncio para que puedas comprarlo a través de esta plataforma.

El precio incluirá un cargo de entre el 5 y 15% (dependiendo del valor del pedido y cómo de fácil o dificil sea de entontrar), mas los costes de envío al país que indiques, menos los 5 euros que cuesta este servicio (puedes considerarlo una fianza).


If you'd like to save on bitcoin fees, or just try out LN payments, I'm happy to accept them! This is not supported by OpenBazaar, so if you'd like to pay using LN BTC, please complete the checkout on OpenBazaar as normal, but do not pay. Instead copy the BTC amount to be paid and go to my tippin.me page to make the payment. Once payment has been made, message or email me with your OB order ID so that I can process your order. Thank you!




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