Into the Black and Back Part 2




You've hacked your neighbors Wi-Fi or
you're connected to your local coffee shop Wi-Fi and not sure what to hack
next?! How do you push your freshly purchased ransomware onto everyone on the


This guide will teach you how to hack
others while on their Wi-Fi network. In Part 2 you'll be given the tools and
techniques needed to compromise others once you've gained access to their
network. Hopefully you've gone through Into the Black & Back Part 1 and
already know how to hack Wi-Fi networks and now you want more information. This
guide builds on what you've learned in Part 1 teaching you the next step in
hacking. It's time to compromise everyone on the network that you're on and own
that local coffee shop ;)


This guide is part two of a multi-part
hacking guide series that is meant for people who wish to learn how to become a
hacker or cybercriminal. This guide is original content and is over 100 pages
with pictures and screenshots.


If you don't know who I am, please refer to
my Dread post:





My Bio


Since I enjoy writing and have been a
journalist, activist, hacktivist, turned cyber criminal for numbers of years
I've opted into creating high quality guides for the people who can afford
them. I'll share my knowledge for anyone who is able to put some money on the
table to get up to date hacking information. At the time of this writing this
has only been sold to a few but now I'd like to open it up to the many. I can't
sell my book at Waterstones so here we are.


This guide is good for:

- Hackers

- Soon to be Hackers

- Information on current Man-In-The-Middle

- Learn to compromise others while on their


Topics that you will learn:

- How to access the router admin panel

- How to find proper targets once on a

- Router exploitation

- Printer exploitation

- How to brute force a router admin panel

- Getting up to date with current MITM

- How to perform MITM attacks

- All scripts and programs provided

- Up to date attacks and more!


You'll learn from real world examples and
hacker history. All hacking methods are up to date and currently working on the
latest Kali release.


This guide isn’t for everyone and is not
designed to hold your hand all the way through. It does include resources,
articles, and links that you should read, understand, and be able to apply the
knowledge learned in order to be successful and to maximize this guide.


These guides are designed to fill that
"void" as a beginner hacker or future cybercriminal while learning
your new found skills (using a RAT, deploying ransomware, adware, phishing,







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