Navy SEAL Shooting: Learn how to shoot from their leading instructor (Paperback) by Chris Sajnog (Author), Scott McEwen (Foreword)


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Imagine if you could learn to shoot safely and effectively at home —
saving you time and money you don’t have. Well, now you can! Navy SEAL
Shooting teaches you the groundbreaking training method developed by one
of the most respected firearms instructors in the world, retired Navy
SEAL Chris Sajnog. With easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and
385 illustrations, this book covers everything you need to know to make
effective shots in any high-stress situation. You will learn to plan
your training, improve your accuracy and speed, shoot while moving, and
clear malfunctions. Plus discover every manipulation needed for any
semi-automatic pistol or rifle. Whether in combat, competition, or just
safely and confidently protecting yourself or your family, this book
will help you dominate any opponent. It’s the middle of the night… You
hear a sudden crash in the kitchen… Someone has broken into your home.
He’s armed and ready to kill. Will you be able to protect your family?
Shoot like a Navy SEAL, Unlock Your Warrior Potential, and Protect Your
Family -- Without Expensive Trips to the Firing Range! I’ve trained the
world’s deadliest snipers, and today… I’m going to train you. Dear
Concerned Citizen, My name is Chris Sajnog. I’m a retired US Navy SEAL
and the man who created the US Navy SEAL Sniper Training program. I’m
not going to beat around the bush here. I am one of the world’s leading
firearms training experts. I’ve trained our country’s real-life heroes,
the men who do things most people only try in a video game. I didn’t
always have these skills. In fact, I had never even fired a gun until I
joined the military. But if you’re willing to take the first step and
actually begin training, you can master anything. Today, firearms
experts around the world come to me for advice. I’ve trained hundreds of
US Navy SEALs. And now, I’m ready to share those skills with everyday
citizens like you who need to protect their families from our growing
domestic criminals. But first, let me ask you something... How good is
your aim? How often do you hit your target? More importantly, can you
fire a bulls-eye at 100 yards in the middle of the night? During a
life-and-death situation, you need to be fully prepared for anything
that comes your way. Making even one of those mistakes during a violent
encounter can mean death for you and your family. It’s not your fault.
Thanks to my training as a US Navy SEAL, I was given all the time, ammo,
and hands-on training that I needed. Most people don’t have that
luxury. But I’ve trained the world’s deadliest snipers, and now, I’m
teaching you those same techniques. Master Your Weapon and Protect Your
Family with My Book: Navy SEAL Shooting. Navy SEALs are just regular
people with a unique set of skills. With this book, you’re going to
learn some of those world-class skills -- most of them right in your own
home. These skills can save your life and the life of your family.
Remember: many of America’s heroes were trained by me. Now, you have the
opportunity to learn the skills they have and master your weapon at


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