ADHOC x200s - Librebooted Lenovo Thinkpad X200s laptop with Debian GNU+Linux




ADHOC - Anonymity, privacy and security through uncompromised tech.

Notice: all x200s we had in stock ready to ship have now sold out. If you purchase this item it will take us about 3 weeks to prepare you laptop (replace those nasty WSON8 BIOS flash chips, flash, install OS, etc.).

Secure and privacy-respecting Lenovo Thinkpad X200s notebook running 100% free (as in freedom) software. Proprietary BIOS replaced by Libreboot that loads a fully encrypted Debian GNU + Linux operating system. Refurbished with fully free-software compatible components and peripherals.

This 100% auditable system is fit for entrepreneurs with bright new ideas, stock and crypto traders, investigative journalists, activists, lawyers and all other individuals that know the true value of their data-privacy and freedom.

The X200s is a slimmer and lighter version of the X200, nowhere else available for sale with pre-installed Libreboot. This laptop carries a hard-to-access BIOS flash memory chip that cannot be flashed on site with test clips.

In order to get Libreboot into the X200s machine we replace its original WSON8 Macronix MX25L6405 8 MB flash chip with a brand new SOIC8 Winbond 25Q128FVSG 16 MB chip flashed with Libreboot. This new chip can be flashed internally via command line and also externally with SOIC8 test clips.

Hardware highlights:

- Intel Core 2 Duo SL9300 processor. One of the last few Intel processors where you can fully disable and remove Intel Management Engine.

- 4 GB (2x 2 GB) DDR3 SO-DIMM RAM

- 120 GB HDD

- Atheros AR9k miniPCIe WiFi card. Compatible with ath9k wireless driver. Does not require firmware blobs.

- Broadcom BCM2045B Bluetooth adapter

- Concave trackpoint for better grip and handling than the stock rounded trackpoint.

- German (DE) QWERTZ keyboard (US keyboard available upon request)

Ships with:

- Brand new replacement 5200mAh 10.8V 6-cell battery.

- Brand new original 65W universal power adapter.

Software highlights:

- Latest Libreboot stable release.

Debian GNU+Linux OS.

- LUKS+LVM full disk encryption with strict parameters.

Remotely blessed by RMS.

Worldwide tracked shipping. Please be aware of your local customs' policies.






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1/22/20, 2:47 AM 5 5 5 5 Top notch communication, the ADHOC team really cares!
1/22/20, 2:47 AM 5 5 5 5 Wonderful seller. Had great communication during the entire process and kept me up to date with the purchase. Price point is good. Laptop arrived as described and in good condition. Special customisations were taken care of no problem. Would highly recommend this seller!

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