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Blockstamp OpenBazaar Explorer is available at:

It can be used as search provider in the OpenBazaar client after adding this URL:

The ranking on the Explorer can be influenced by burning BlockStamps (BST). Blockstamps are available on many exchanged:

To promote a product create a file with the content starting with

'BAZAAR--' followed by the slugPeerId. Example:

#cat bazaar.txt


install the blockstamp node and use the storedata command of the blockstamp client:

./bst-cli storedata bazaar.txt

This will store the document in the blockchain. To reduce the size of the local blockchain stored by the blockstamp node add the prune parameter to the .bst/bst.conf file:

#cat .bst/bst.conf


The Blockstamp OpenBazaar Explorer monitors the transactions and updates the promotion budget for the product. The promotion fee is respected for the period of 30 days.

To change the fee of the transaction use the settxfee command before issuing the storedata command, example:

./bst-cli settxfee 0.1

The fee will be multiplied by the size of the file (in kilobytes).

resulting transaction exmaple:


- we will provide the option to promote products through the BlockStamp online wallet

- we will add a negative fee of -0.00000001 BST to the promotion fee for all products that are "reported" (for each submitting ip).

- we will add a secure blockchain-based communicator to exchange private messages between blockstamp nodes.



This is a cryptocurrency. There is no return option.



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