1000 tabs LSD 100mcg Fractal Storm (self-laid, limited edition exclusive LSD crystal) - You save 23%


1,500 USD BUY



We want to offer you a unique product - a small batch of self-laid
LSD tabs laid with a crystal purchased from a small group of enthusiasts
who share our views on reality and spirituality. They have made this
small batch and retired afterwards, so neither we nor anyone else will
stock that particular crystal in the future. We have trip tested it and
were astonished by the strength and vibe that these small pieces of
paper blessed us with. Due to small amount of crystal the price wasn't
as good as for Aztec, but we will offer them at a little premium to
spread them among the members our psychedelic community.

There is the last 9g available, all laid on Fractal Storms. This crystal is not available anywhere else.


  • 0.5 - 1 hit - light - medium
    trip, enough for beginners or inexperienced users to get a basic feeling
    on what LSD is. You will experience an enhancement of colours and
    sounds and a general shift of consciousness.

  • 2 hits - medium - strong trip,
    suitable for most of the experienced users. Visuals can be strong on
    this dose and you might have some problems with communicating with
    others if you are sensitive.

  • 3-4 hits - strong - a very strong trip, if you don't have a tolerance, better stay in a safe place and prepare to sink deeply into your mind

  • 5 hits + - well, if you take such a dose, I suppose that you really know what you are doing :) enjoy the white light.


Product is vacuum sealed and professionally shipped (be sure
to check through your junk mail thoroughly, because you might
accidentally put it in trash).

Please note that we ship from a safe, low-profile EU country (not from Netherlands, UK, Czech Republic or Germany).

Important notice for large orders

Default shipment method for quantities of 250 tabs or more is
registered mail. You will have to sign for it upon arrival, but we can
track it and in case of non arrival you will get 100% reship / 50%
refund. If you insist on non-registered shipment for these amounts, you
will be able to get 50% reship / 30% refund in case of non arrival.

Please note that we have close to 100% success rate with registered letters worldwide.





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