Towards Hardware-Intrinsic Security · Foundations and Practice - Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, David Naccache, Pim Tuyls




Hardware-intrinsic security is a young field dealing with secure secret
key storage. By generating the secret keys from the intrinsic properties
of the silicon, e.g., from intrinsic Physical Unclonable Functions
(PUFs), no permanent secret key storage is required anymore, and the key
is only present in the device for a minimal amount of time. The field
is extending to hardware-based security primitives and protocols such as
block ciphers and stream ciphers entangled with the hardware, thus
improving IC security. While at the application level there is a growing
interest in hardware security for RFID systems and the necessary
accompanying system architectures. This book brings together
contributions from researchers and practitioners in academia and
industry, an interdisciplinary group with backgrounds in physics,
mathematics, cryptography, coding theory and processor theory. It will
serve as important background material for students and practitioners,
and will stimulate much further research and development.

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